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Once you enter law school, you will quickly discover that the educational process differs greatly from what you experienced as an undergraduate. First-year students typically take a set of core courses throughout the first year.  Most law schools generally require all students to take courses in civil procedure, constitutional law, contracts, criminal law, legal writing and research, property law, and torts. In the second and third years, students usually enjoy a wide discretion in their choice of courses, and many second- and third-year students will also participate in clinics and other practical learning opportunities. The Socratic method is still common in many first-year law school classes, but some advanced subjects are more conducive to use of the problem method, role-playing, and treatment of material in either a lecture or seminar format. 

Law school may be a foreign experience for you, but you do not have to go through it alone.  AmeriBar has been helping students with their legal education for several years.  We know what you need to know in order to succeed, and unlike your law school professors, we'll tell you!  We condense law school theory into easy to follow practice, so that you learn exactly how to excel.